The Anatomy of the Bingo Cards

For most would-be bingo players, it is essential to get acquainted on the usual bingo cards that are mainly the villain for being responsible of causing an adrenaline pumping excitement among bingo players who are playing the game.

Basically wherever a bingo player may prefer playing the game of bingo, be it in casinos or bingo halls, they will still find the same usual bingo cards with 5 x 5 grids with a total number of 25 squares in a single bingo card.

On the top of the bingo card is a heading printed horizontally with the word B-I-N-G-O on it. The 25 number of squares on the 5 x 5 grids on a bingo card consists of 24 numbers printed randomly with a single blank space at the middle which is considered to be a free space.

The numbers that are randomly printed in every bingo card are from 1 up to 75, which is a standard for American bingo while the British and Australian bingo games use up to 90 numbers on their bingo cards.

Numbers are assigned at random which are arranged in five columns with 5 numbers in each row and columns except for the single free space at the middle. Numbers are picked in a random manner and the bingo players need to mark the numbers that correspond to the determined winning patterns.

Bingo cards may take different patterns to win. It may be in horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows and many other patterns to possibly play for. Traditionally, numbers between 1 and 15 are randomly placed at the column B, numbers 16 to 30 at column I, numbers 31 to 45 in column N, numbers 46 to 60 at column G and numbers 61 to 75 at column O.

Manufacturers of bingo cards can produce about 6,000 unduplicated bingo cards of up to 9,000 series bingo cards available. With these numbers of unduplicated bingo cards that can be produced there are sure number of cards that bingo players will enjoy.

It cannot be underemphasize the value of the bingo cards in bringing entertainment among bingo players. The intense yet excited concentration of bingo players while playing their bingo cards is a sure indication that a plain bingo card is capable of bringing tremendous excitement among the bingo player population.

The game of bingo can be played by anyone with its simple game mechanics and rules on how to play bingo. The bingo cards have simple anatomy that its players can easily understand how they are played and provide them unlimited games of intense entertainment.

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